Construction activities  commenced last Friday in the wetland area behind Donny brook Motor Racing which is part of the Cleveland Dam Catchment.
The land developer has started putting in place roads chewing up the eastern part of the wetland.
This happens at a time when the government have come up with a national policy to protect wetlands which are key in water provision.
Furthermore, the Cleveland Dam area including part of it’s Catchment Wetland Area is protected by international law under the Ramsar Convention which Zimbabwe is a signatory.
The  wetland area is a vital water source for Cleveland Dam which ultimately flows into lake Chivero a primary water source for Harare water supply.
Last time towards 2018 election, the former Deputy Minister of Finance Mr Terrence Mukupe was stopped  by EMA when he wanted to construct buildings in the wetland.
The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) recently published Wetlands Master Plan which should guide spatial planning for local authorities.
CHRA has engaged the City of Harare Planning Department seeking information on the approval of the construction activities in the wetland.

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