Background To The Presser

Cleveland Dam Wetland Catchment area which is protected by international law under the Ramsar Convention to which Zimbabwe is a signatory, is currently under destruction from construction activities of houses and vocational training centre. The construction of houses on the wetland is happening as we head towards the rain season where DISASTER PREPAREDNESS ACTIVITIES are required to avoid a repeat of 2020 flooding of homes.

The Environmental Management Agency recently gazetted wetland maps for Provinces. The Maps which are policy documents guide spatial planning by Government from national level to local authority level.

Within this context Cleveland Wetland is under threat after surviving an invasion by former Minister of Finance Mr. Terrence Mukupe in 2018.

Details of Press Conference

Date :20 September 2021

Time: 10:00am-11:00am

Venue: Media Centre

Speakers: Mr. Hardlife Mudzingwa from Community Water Alliance, Ms. Loreen Mupasiri Sani from Combined Harare Residents Association, Mr. Mahachi Cleveland Action Alliance, Mr. Claude Kaharo Harare Wetlands Trust, Young Volunteers for Environment, and Mr. Progress Maringamoyo Manresa Residents Representative.

Agenda: Wetlands Invasion: Citizens Perspective on Way Forward

For more information contact Reuben Akili on 0774731770

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